It’s High Time to Rate Your Website Design!


How Does It Work?

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    Definition of the Main
    Web Design Parameters

    As far as the web design rating process is based on the analysis of the major parameters, the system initially defines them in the automatic mode. The main factors that are taken into account include website structure, SEO, mobile optimization, quality of images and videos, content presentation, convenience of navigation, color palette saturation, length of titles etc.

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    Rating of the
    Specified Parameters

    As soon as the software defines the key parameters, it starts analysing them from the point of view of website design. Each parameter is rated based on the 10-point scale and, thus, it can get from 1 and up to 10 points. By the way, if you further decide to change your website design (change the fonts, style, layout, color palette etc.), the system will analyze the factors over and over again each time you use it.

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    Summary and

    As soon as your website design parameters are analyzed and rated, the software will provide the detailed summary based on the availed results. This will make it possible to decide what parameters of your website design require improvement and which of them already come up to the current web design trends. P.S. When we talk about website builders, actually there’s no need to evaluate your website. All the website builders templates are created by professional designers, that’s why the quality is the best by default.

Who Needs “Rate My Webhost”

Web Designers
To start with, the software is going to be of great help for web designers, who are bound to stay aware of the current web design trends. This is especially true, when it comes to professional website development. The software will help them make quality analysis of websites they work on to get the best result possible. If the quality of your website design doesn’t meet your needs, you can change a CMS anytime and move your website to another advanced platform. There are many guidelines concerning to this, for instance the article about WordPress to Wix migration. This is one of the most popular ways to go, based on our experience.
Marketing Experts
When it comes to the effective marketing process, website design matters a lot. The software will be useful to marketing specialists, who are involved in the development of winning marketing strategies. It allows analysing the designs of websites, comparing them with those of the competitors. This contributes to online marketing success, business advancement and profit generation.
Modern businesses are unthinkable without quality websites, which focus on traffic generation. The analysis of website design will help identify strong and weak points, which have positive or negative effects upon the website visitors and the impressions they get when visiting a resource. This eventually allows improving the product quality.

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